Wines of Giulio Armani Tasting @ Ordinaire

Thirsty Bay Denizens,

Come party with us this Sunday afternoon to celebrate the legendary Giulio Armani of the world famous La Stoppa and, his personal Domaine, Denavolo.

We will have Fanny Breuil on hand. Fanny worked under Giulio at La Stoppa for quite some time and now serves as the Export Manager for both houses and makes some wine of her own in the south of France. 

The Farm Wine folks and I will also be there to referee. 

Wines being poured: 
- Denavolo - Dinavolino 2014
- Denavolo - Dinavolo - 2010
- La Stoppa Ageno - 2010
- La Stoppa Trebbiolo Frizzante - 2014
- La Stoppa Macchiona 2007